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Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to the new website, complete with a new look and feel. I can hear you asking, “Why?” Simply put, it was time.

The old website had grown too cumbersome and slow, aside from looking dated as websites go. The decision to shift the hosting to a new provider for performance reasons opened the door. Soon, I started thinking about all the things I didn’t like aside from its speed and the hosting relationship. Before I knew it, I had a new site in mind, one that would …

  • Improve speed and SEO performance,
  • Take a minimalist approach to design,
  • Clarify navigation so readers can get to the content they like faster,
  • Emphasize my writing and photography, and
  • Have a dark mode theme to ease eye strain for those (like me) who spend too much time in front of a screen

To accomplish this, I developed a mock-up design, moved the site to from the previous hosting company, and engaged D7 Automation for the site design and integration. I have a great relationship with D7’s owner, who agreed to take the project on even though web design is not his business focus. He is my son, however, so the arm twisting was minimal.

I wanted a site that put my writing and photography front and center, simplified navigation, and minimized clutter. That is why, for example, you see the large image on the homepage and text links instead of icon links for other sites (LinkedIn, SmugMug). It is also the reason only the featured post on each blog page will have an image. My executive bio is still available, but gone are project case studies, the consulting services list, and my resume. I do still consult, and all that content is at hand when needed, but it is no longer a part of this website.

The site is simple and clean, maybe even a little retro. It is what I set out to accomplish and I like it, I hope you do as well. The challenge for me will be to keep my hands off and let its simplicity survive. I would love to hear your feedback. Obviously, it would be great if you forwarded it to friends who might enjoy it as well. The subscribe link is just a link now, but it works really well. 🙂

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