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Recent Favs - June 2022

I have not posted a favs list since last November, so this is a catch up covering the period since then. One or two of the sources may be behind pay walls, but you should be able to get a limited number of articles as a freebie.

Putin Unbound Before he started massing troops, few expected Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine, and even once he did, few expected him to behave the way he has. How could a leader regularly hailed as a skilled tactician, if not a strategic genius, make so many rash and seemingly counterproductive moves? (Foreign Affairs Magazine)

Lex Fridman Podcast #289 – Steven Kotkin on Putin, Zelenskyy, and the Ukrainian War A tour de force by the preeminent western historian of Stalin and all things Russian. This is as clear-headed and to the point as I’ve heard anyone talk about the realpolitik of Ukraine. (Lex Fridman Podcast)

So … I Design Board Games for the CIA “Games allow you to get inside and operate the machine yourself and do experiments and pull a lever or push a button and see what happens. And because it’s happening on the tabletop, rather than say, in a computer program, you can understand it very well. You can see exactly why what just happened.” A fascinating exploration of the understanding of complexity in various forms, and the role of gaming in business, geopolitics, war, or life. Anyone who has ever enjoyed strategy games will love this one. (Spycast Podcast)

Joe Rogan Experience #1800 – Gavin de Becker Gavin de Becker is a leading authority on the prediction and management of violence. A three-time presidential appointee, his firm provides protection, investigation, and threat assessment for numerous high-profile individuals and organizations. All this growing out of a very unusual entry and career path. (Joe Rogan Podcast)

Jordan Peterson: Why I am no longer a tenured professor at the University of Toronto Peterson lays out the case for how leftist ideology has captured academia and much of business and is inexorably destroying the values that separate and protect us from totalitarianism. (National Post)

Joe Rogan interviews LTG (Ret) H.R. McMaster A grand tour of the blunders and foibles of recent American foreign policy, and the resulting increase of global risk. (Joe Rogan Podcast)

Modern Gnosticism Versus Creational Christianity Gnosticism is the most dangerous and recurrent heresy in Christian history. It increasingly corrupts both modern church and culture. The cure is Creational Christianity, which has been tragically missing in the modern church. An excellent overview of the impact of Gnosticism upon modern society and Christianity. (YouTube)

Baseball is a Game Played in History Jamie Rubin looks at the state of today’s game through the lens of its history and the future that awaits it. (

If I Were to Build a Tiny House I am fascinated by videos of people who, for whatever reason and purpose, decide to chuck the rat race and go small, smart, and sane with their housing solution. Mine would be near a beach, on a scenic plateau, or nestled in a forest. Off-grid, sustainable, well designed and engineered, and minimalist. Scenic, peaceful, and made for relaxation, adventuring, and introspection, that is the ticket I would punch. (YouTube)

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