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Building Our Future on Global Values – Leading In Context
We have become a divided society that seems to have temporarily lost its collective center in values. We have worked globally for many years to define that center in values, and we should continue to look to it to guide us now.

Brian Greene: Quantum Gravity, the Big Bang, Aliens, Death, and Meaning – Lex Fridman Podcast
I cannot say I believe Greene is correct on all points, but this down to earth discussion of the science – life merge is fascinating, and sometimes illuminating.

Amanda Knox – Joe Rogan Podcast
Amanda Knox spent four years in an Italian prison following a wrongful conviction for the murder of her roommate: a sentence that was ultimately overturned by the Italian Supreme Court. She is now an author, journalist, and podcaster. 


Facing Covid-19 Without Fear – John MacArthur
We get many requests from church leaders around the world asking for advice as they deal with COVID-19 lockdown orders and other government-mandated restrictions on worship. This is a short record of how our church responded to the government’s efforts to keep our congregation from gathering, an index of some things we have learned, and a few important biblical principles to bear in mind as you consider how you and your church must respond biblically.

Is Stress Making Me More Holy or More Sinful? – John Piper
This is a tremendously important question because it gets at a reality of sanctification that is often overlooked — namely, that pride and various forms of that sin can lie latent, unseen in the forgiven, Spirit-indwelt Christian, often giving the impression to the Christian himself and to others that we are more holy than we are.


Flexibility, Resilience Will Dominate Real Estate Industry – Facility Executive Magazine
Flexibility, convenience, and ultimately real estate’s resilience can drive property sector function over the next decade, according to a new report from PwC US and the Urban Land Institute (ULI). Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2022 — which includes proprietary data and insights from nearly 1,700 leading real estate industry experts — highlights the evolving trends shaping the real estate industry and explores how the property sector has seen encouraging and unprecedented recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Growth in Zero Energy Buildings – Facility Executive Magazine
According to the 2020 report, the National Building Institute highlighted that the demand for zero energy buildings across the U.S. and Canada is growing exponentially. The “2020 Getting to Zero Buildings List” report states that the number of zero energy and getting to zero buildings had grown by 42% since 2018 with the number of verified zero energy buildings in the U.S. and Canada more than doubling between 2018 and 2020, a sign that designers are gaining expertise for delivering on zero energy targets set by building owners.

Seven Simple Things That Strengthen Clarity During Complexity – Leadership Freak
When complexities fill your mind, worry weakens your knees. Complexity drives out clarity. Shadows become reality. Dread dilutes ability. Anxiety displaces confidence.

Sweating Through Your Flight Suit – Stephen Pressfield
Here is a scene I heard over and over, interviewing Israeli fighter pilots (and I’m sure it’s commonplace in air forces and other combat units all over the world.) A pilot would describe returning to base after a combat mission. He’d land safely, taxi to a stop; his ground crew would come running to the plane; they’d set the ladder against the aircraft’s flank, open the cockpit cowling so the pilot could climb out and down … only he, the returning fighter pilot, would be so wrung out emotionally and so shattered with fatigue that he couldn’t get out of his seat.

Why Doing Too Much is Killing Your Passion for Work – FastCompany
It’s late Friday evening when I’m on a Zoom call with Jamie, an ambitious young entrepreneur I’ve been mentoring for the past year. He’s going on about his latest venture and the rapid growth his new company has seen in just a few short months. “That’s wonderful news,” I tell him. “But remember to pace yourself.”


Forgiveness: The Invisible Derailer That Frustrates Leaders – Leadership Freak
Attitudes are invisible but they always show themselves somehow. Your attitude toward disappointment can make or break your leadership. The way you deal with disappointment is a lid or a platform.

Practically Paperless with Obsidian – Jamie Rubin
I’ve been waiting for friend Jamie, a writer and programmer, to explain Obsidian in ways I can understand and here it is, the start of a new series to do just that. I am a long time Evernote user who is attracted to Obsidian by its future-proof format that links thinking across all areas. If you are looking for a second brain, this may be it.

“I Wasn’t Even Operational” – Steven Pressfield
Are you and I operational? Are we cleared, even if only in our own minds, to fly or trek or sail into combat, even if that combat is only against our own Resistance and the problems of our work? If we’re Charles Dickens, are we ready to wrangle Pip and Fagin and Mr. Micawber? If we’re Jon Krakauer, are we ready to leap Into Thin Air? If we’re Elizabeth Gilbert, have we got the guts to Eat Pray Love?

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