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My Journey into Spiritual Sight

An acquaintance recently asked me this question: Can you identify a landmark in your life when you first realized you can see in the spiritual realm?

After reflection I had to answer no, I cannot. There was no landmark moment. It has been a journey from outright rejection of the concept of seeing in the Spirit to acceptance that it could be possible, and from there to pursuing it in my own life.

I was raised in the church but taught that the Holy Spirit is not allowed to operate in our lives today. Speaking in a Spirit tongue, seeing and hearing in the Spirit, and revelation from the Spirit were positioned as tools of evil meant to divide Christianity. It wasn’t until about ten years ago that I began to seriously question the truth of this doctrine, eventually accepting that the Spirit can indeed operate in and through us. It was a journey of testing and proving over a span of two years.

To complicate the journey, I came to it with a deep distrust of my imagination. It had been the source of much darkness in my life and I wanted no more of that. Deliverance freed me from that history, but I had purposed never to trust my imagination again. I saw it as evil, not realizing that our imaginations are a gift from God, intended for His purpose and edification in our lives.

A few years later as I was continuing my pursuit of intimacy with Father God, I began to hear about people who experience Heavenly realms through Spirit-led ascension. Having spent my life learning about God, I now desired a real relationship and heart to heart intimacy with Him. When I heard people describe their ascension experiences I hungered for my own because of the intimate connection and relationship they required. My first several attempts with my wife and a couple of friends did not go well, however. They were off and running, seeing with great detail and clarity, and I saw nothing. I was frustrated and even angry. Why couldn’t I experience what they were experiencing? What was wrong with me?

A year later I decided to give it another go and joined an online men’s ascension group. This time, it worked. I learned about sanctifying our imagination and oneness with the Spirit, and decided to give myself the freedom to fail my way to success. It took a while. For the first several months I saw nothing and lacked the confidence to believe that I could. Instead of being frustrated, however, I put my trust in the Spirit and kept going back for more. That was the key for me, not giving up on the Spirit or myself.

Eventually, I began to see dark amorphous shapes, little more than fuzzy blobs, but I trusted that I was seeing faintly what others were describing in great detail. Over time, the blobs began to come into focus and eventually I began to experience spiritual sight in a more realistic way. Nearly five years later I am still more of a strong perceiver, but the perceptions now routinely evolve into clear images. And increasingly now, my first knowing of a thing is by spiritual sight, whether in a group setting, during my personal devotions and meditations, or as I go about the day. I’ve learned to trust that my sanctified imagination is partnering with the Spirit to provide the right perceptions and images at the right time. As I’ve become more confident in this, the Spirit has responded faithfully.

We must follow the Spirit in these engagements with the goal of achieving intimacy and maturity that positions us to honor and serve. There are those who chase after experiences and even some who pursue their own agendas. These are not valid motivations. The only valid purposes of engaging with the Holy in this manner are to be taught and matured, to worship, to develop Spirit-led intimacy with Yahweh, and to serve when and as directed by the Holy Spirit. Anything other than these are man’s soul in action, not the Spirit. 

Yeshua said: “Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, that the Son does likewise.” John 5:19 (ESV)

If we are sons of God and co-heirs with Christ, then seeing what God has for us is a part of our birthright, and honoring it with our belief and obedience is part of our purpose. For me, the key to this was coming to a point of belief that it could be possible and being obedient in the face of disappointment, giving the Spirit free rein to change my course. As I am faithful in this pursuit, He is faithful in response.


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