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I am a big fan of blogs and podcasts, as readers here will know. One area of interest is the general topic of leadership. Now, deciding which among these is best is like deciding which of the quadrillions of stars in the night sky are God’s favorite. In other words, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material available. So, have I read every leadership blog on the Internet? Absolutely not! Of those I have read, however, I rank these as my favs. They fall into general categories, which is how I’ve organized them here, virtually all of them are produced as part of a larger platform.

Note: Some of these are paid links, but each offers a limited numbers of free articles.

The “I’m a subject matter expert and want to sell you services” category:

These blogs typically offer smaller, bite size bits of wisdom and insight. They are well written, on point, short, and sometimes entertaining as well.

Michael Hyatt & Co. One of the best sources of practical leadership information and guidance. The blog is exceptionally well written.

Leadership Freak Their tag line is “empowering leaders 300 words at a time.” More practical insights.

Kevin Eikenberry I recently rediscovered this old favorite, and he is still going strong.

Great Leadership Dan McCarthy’s blog covers a wide range of leadership content and has a lot of guest posts, so you get a wide perspective. Not the most polished site, but the information is solid.

Leading In Context I’ve been following Linda Thornton’s blog for years. Its focus is on ethical leadership in all its domains and permutations. I wish more people would read her blog. :/

Seth’s Blog Maybe the most popular blog in the entire leadership category. Many posts are short, almost Twitter-like. All are fun to read, full of insight, and the occasional “that’s me” moment. I never knew I was into Yak Shaving!

Teamwork and Leadership Michael G. Rogers’ blog. Especially like the current How to Lead Your Team Through Hard Times series.

The “More academic” category:

Academic resources, generally providing deeper dives into the subject.

Harvard Business Review Really a full spectrum business publication, but their leadership content is top game. I’ve been a fan of HBR for several decades, long before blogs existed.

MIT Sloan Fellows MBA Program A recent discovery that is growing on me. Topical articles written by faculty. Recent posts include Navigating Turbulence with Clarity of Purpose, and Not Choosing Is Choosing.

London Business School Another recent discovery. Longer articles, lots of international content, and a focus on the future.

The “When you only want the best of the best” category:

John Maxwell Yes, he falls into the first category, but when you ask who the dean of the leadership development industry is, there can be only one answer. His name is synonymous with leadership development and executive coaching for good reason.

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