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Recent Faves – June 2022

I have not posted a favs list since last November, so this is a catch up covering the period since then. One or two of the sources may be behind pay walls, but you should be able to get a limited number of articles as a freebie.

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Our Stories Matter

Our grandchildren visited for a few days recently, and we did what families do. We talked, ate, played games, and got in a bit of outdoor activity. I am teaching the older ones a couple of family-safe card games, they are teaching me poker. Go figure. They were here several days and through it all it seemed someone was always telling a story.

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Decision in Philadelphia

A masterful dissection of the Constitutional Convention and the personalities, issues, and competitions that drove it. While the American constitution has long been heralded as a champion of human rights and aspirations, it is not perfect. There are some obvious questions that result from the end product, including why the slavery issue was not resolved and how separation of powers was intended to function vs. how it actually functions.

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What Kind of Nation?

This solid work examines the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and John Marshall, which was as contentious as one would expect a rivalry between a staunch state’s rights proponent and a Federalist could be. It also serves as a lens through which to view the national dilemma as expounded by Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and others. Both Jefferson and Marshall were right of course, and both were wrong; a lesson we would do well to take to heart today.

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Finding Enjoyment in New Places

I am about 75% through a major property clearing effort, removing excess shrubs and bushes to protect our home from wildfire risk. Our property isn’t large, but it’s large enough that this is a real effort, and it abuts a large federal wildland property that is grossly overgrown. There is lots of fuel in close proximity, so getting this done is important.

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Old School Meets Smart Notebook

One of the first posts to this blog was Navigating the Analog/Digital Divide in Life and Work, in which I surveyed my productivity suite at the time, including digital apps, programs, and analog journaling among other things. There have been a couple of changes in the intervening two years.

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Where Will Our Healing Moments Come From?

My generation came of age in the 1960’s and 1970’s, a time not so different from now. For those who don’t have the reference point, this was the season of political assassinations (Kennedy, King, Kennedy), Viet Nam, the 1968 Democratic convention, Watergate, the National Guard killing students at Kent State, race riots, free speech and free love, not to mention Woodstock and the disco era. We survived all of that to enter a new era of relative peace, prosperity, and pride in our nation. How did we manage to overcome a time that many Americans and all our allies feared would be the end of us?

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I Take My Coffee Black and My News Unfiltered

If God intended coffee to have milk, sugar, syrup, or anything else in it, it would be in the bean. Even coffee is best when enjoyed in its purest form. I know, that is a subjective statement, but I use it here to introduce a concept. Bear with me, please. Should I prefer additives in my coffee I am free to exercise my own choice. Many do. As true as that is, you may have guessed that this post is not about coffee. It is about the long lasting and current state of news media.

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