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Journaling the Word #1

This is the first in what I intend to be an occasional series, in which I share my journal notes from daily readings.

Genesis 1-11: I am struck by the parallels between that time and our own, how God created perfection and man despoils it at every turn, resulting in the chaos we create. And yet, God is still God. As I consider his love, mercy, and grace, I am humbled … again. Jesus counsels us to “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all those things shall be added unto you.” (Matt 6:33) We, in our ineptitude and longing can only wonder, “What if?” and marvel at what it will be like when Perfection returns.

Job 5:17-25: I am thankful for God’s reproving of my life, for his discipline, and for his healing and restoration. At the end of it all, my tent is at peace. God is merciful to the one who loves him, repents before him, and turns back to him.

Job 10-16: I am struck by Job’s conviction that he is blameless before God and undeserving of his wrath. His conviction allows him to contend with God, not in weakness but with strong words. None today can claim this same strength, none are blameless. We are unqualified to share in Job’s righteous indignation. Yet God’s mercies are upon us every day. Job contended with God because he had the conviction of his righteousness. We surrender to God because of the conviction of our unrighteousness. Job contended so that he might be rightly judged as righteous. We, the unrighteous, contend with and surrender to God so that we may free of unrighteousness.

Job 22:21-30: One cannot remain unmoved by Job’s innocent torment and abandonment by his friends. Yet, in their assault there is also wisdom. Eliphaz’s accusation is false but the remedy he speaks is wisdom for all men in all times. Agree with God. Receive instruction. Lay up God’s words in your heart. Return to the Almighty, delight yourself in him, and turn your face to him. Do these and God will use you, and in that you will find your glory, that you are redeemed and useful to the King of kings.

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