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How Is A Believer to Respond to Coronavirus?

Our world is in a mess right now. People are sick, many are dying, economies are broken, unemployment is high, fear and anxiety are on a rampage. Not sure about that last? Go to the store and try to find basic goods. Fear and anxiety are most definitely on the move.

Believers are immune to neither the virus nor its societal effects. The first is not a matter of choice, the second is. Believers should be operating from a position of peace and rest, especially when surrounded by an anxious world. If we are not able to do so, then how are we different from the lost world?

Over the last two weeks I have had several conversations with believers who are anxious, wondering where this is leading, or believing that they know and that the worst is yet to come. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, I don’t know. But I do know this, we are called to trust in the Lord our God and not the wisdom or trials of man. Our belief is in Him, not ourselves.

I am reminded of Jesus’ words to the woman who was healed by merely touching His garment.

And the woman, fearing and trembling, knowing that which had been done for her, came and fell down before Him, and told Him all the truth. And He said to her, Daughter, your faith has saved you. Be going into a state of peace, and be continually sound in body, healed of your affliction. Mark 5:33,34 (Wuest Translation, emphasis mine)

From this I take the following key points, relative to our situation:

  • We should be presenting ourselves before the Father as intercessors for His creation. If we are truly sons of God, which we are, then we have a position of authority and a responsibility to administrate it correctly. We best serve our fellow man by interceding, asking Father God to remember His love and plans for us, to heal our nations of their sin and rejection of Him, and to release His mercy and His will as agents to heal us and change our hearts. This intercession must be done from our position before His throne in the courts of Heaven as His sons, not from our position of weakness in this realm. The power is in Heaven, not on earth. Don’t call it down, bring it down!
  • We should recognize the source and power of our faith. Faith is expressed in our lives through confidence. Jesus had perfect faith because He had perfect knowledge. He is God and as such He knows all things, the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning. He could have faith because He is in God … He knows! We have access to His faith because we are in Him and He is in us. We can tap into His faith, giving us perfect confidence in His will and power.
  • We should “Be going into a state of peace.” Peace is a state of mind and being, and it is a choice, as Jesus reminded the woman. He did not give her peace, He told her to “be going into a state of peace.” We choose what we allow to rule our hearts. Focusing on the troubles of the world and agonizing over the unknowable are acts of surrender. A son, one who knows his or her position in God and loves God first, chooses to trust Him above all others.
  • Honoring God during troubled times requires endurance and perseverance. Jesus’ admonition to the woman was to “be continually sound.” The walk of faith is not a one time or instantaneous thing, it is an all the time every time thing. We are not to be weak in the face of trials, but faithful in all things despite the trials. The trials of life prove our faith and encourage us as we lean into our Father and feel His love. That doesn’t mean everything will always turn out the way we would like, it does mean that our comfort and security is in Him and is greater than any other.

On a practical level, how can believers have an impact in today’s world and lives of those around us? I believe there are a few key things to focus on.

  • First, remember who we are. We are sons of God and we carry authority.
  • Make a point of spending as much time as possible in His presence, praising and blessing Him.
  • Intercede correctly. Confess and repent for the sins of mankind, starting with your own.
  • Ask Father to release the blessings of His desires for His creation.
  • Be bold in speaking truth into the hearts of men when given an opportunity.

Be bold, my friends, and choose to “be going into a state of peace.”


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