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Of One Spirit and Mind in Christ

Societies today are confounded by division on virtually every issue. The church, meant to be a unified and righteous role model is also divided, at times even on basic doctrine upon which the Word is perfectly clear.

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Reading the Bible Through in One Year

2019 is the first year of my life that I’ve managed to read the entire Bible through in one year. I made this a goal at the start of the year and managed to complete the reading in early December, even though there were several periods where I did not read for days (illness, travel, the occasional too busy day, etc.).

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Evil Must Bow to God

As sons of God we are joint heirs with Christ. What attends the throne for him attends for us as well, but we must be righteous and holy (sanctified) in our own position in order to exercise the full measure of our status as sons.

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His Presence is Never Ending

The Word is full of reminders that God is with us all the time. He chooses to live in us and allows us to exist in Him at the same time. Sometimes that can be a bit much to wrap one’s head around.

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Take the Land!

The Israelite’s have conquered the land but must now possess it. In this they failed, leaving Jebusites and Canaanites to live among them. This is a perfect analogy for us today. We must “fully possess” what God has given us.

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Whose Breath Are You Breathing?

To whom have you told [new] words? Whose breath has gone out from you? Will the dead spirits, who are underneath the water, be stirred, or those who dwell there? (Job 26:4,5 Artscroll Stone Edition Tanach)

Here Job retorts to Bilad (after his third speech in which he belittles Job) by asking him whose breath he speaks with. Certainly, it cannot be God’s, for neither the living nor the dead are stirred by Bilad’s wisdom. In essence, Job is telling Bilad that he is unqualified to judge because he lacks the wisdom and yieldedness to do so. He speaks from the heart of man, not as from God.
The lesson for us today is the same as in ancient times. Man’s wisdom is folly in God’s eyes and lacks the authority needed to change what is wrong with our condition. The power is in God’s breath, not our own. What He says sets creation in motion, what we say is carried away by the winds. The difference is in the spirit that blows the breath, ours or God’s.

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Reading the Bible as It Was Intended

I’ve been reading the Bible a good portion of my life, but feel I’ve only recently begun to read it the way it was written and intended for us to read. There are reasons for this change of perspective. In recent years I’ve been focusing on my relationship with Yahweh with more intent and seriousness, and as a result I’ve had experiences that I never had before. The kinds of experiences that show me that God is watching and responding to my approach. Along the way I have been drawn closer to Hebrew thought, learning the basics of the Hebrew alphabet and studying God’s Word through it, again at a basic level. Even this small change makes a difference in how I understand and what I perceive in the Word.

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