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Governing Through the Fruit of the Spirit

I have always thought of the fruit of the Spirit as byproducts of a life lived in concert with God’s will. A healthy tree produces healthy fruit, an unhealthy tree produces bitter or shriveled fruit, or none at all. A dead tree is dead and a dying one is in the process of approaching death rather than growing and maturing into fullness of life.

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What Am I?

I often think of where I’ve come from and who I’ve become, but rarely about what I am. Knowing what we are defines us to ourselves more than to others, and adds a sense of certainty to life.

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Faith Alone Is Not Enough

Faith alone is not enough. We are called to live lives that witness God’s full provision in all circumstances. Yes, we can pray for all we need or desire, but should always keep Peter’s wisdom at the forefront of our mind. His illumination of God’s provisions “to experience life and to reflect God’s true nature” is a reminder that living a godly life is the believer’s first and foremost responsibility. It is our “prime directive.”

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Covid Chaos: Seeking God’s Peace to Live as an Overcomer

I am not sure whether I am perplexed, bemused, or agitated by the response of believers to the Coronavirus. I am sure that I am left wondering who God is really speaking to when I hear the vast discrepancy between the pronouncements of current day “prophets.” Understand, I am in no way saying that God does not speak, but we clearly are not hearing the same voice, and that is a problem.

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We Are Called to Defend Truth

Soon after Saul’s Damascus Road experience he begins his new ministry in earnest. We can imagine the surprise and understand the initial mistrust of those he set out to persecute when he instead rises to defend Jesus and proclaim Him as our Liberator. What enabled Saul, later to be Paul , to step into his new role and purpose so quickly and so powerfully?

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How Should A Believer Respond to Coronavirus?

Our world is in a mess right now. People are sick, many are dying, economies are broken, unemployment is high, fear and anxiety are on a rampage. Not sure about that last? Go to the store and try to find basic goods. Fear and anxiety are most definitely on the move.

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I Long to Live in the Light

I just finished Jonathan Cahn’s “The Paradigm.” If you have not read it, the book traces America’s path from being a God loving nation (David’s reign) to a nation that rejects God (Ahab’s reign). The closing chapter resonated.

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