Executive Bio

Executive Bio

Ken is a facilities management executive with over forty years’ experience leading service delivery teams and delivering complex projects in a range of market sectors. As a past member of the Board of Directors of the International Facility Management Association and past president of IFMA’s Los Angeles chapter he is focused on the future of the workplace and delivering effective solutions. He also writes and speaks on the topics of leadership, facilities management, and project management. Along the way he looks for opportunities to share valuable life lessons.

His portfolio includes strategic planning, capital project development, change management, and continuity of business operations. His development project history includes over twelve million square feet of corporate offices, data centers as large as 300,000 square feet, and technology projects such as robotic manufacturing systems and IWMS systems. His international experience includes projects in Qatar and Zambia.

He works in the belief that an organization is, at its core, a platform for talent. By unleashing that talent, aligning it with a compelling vision, and focusing it on business results, both the individual and the organization thrive. Providing that compelling vision, developing a sound strategic road map, and helping talent succeed by removing obstacles to their success are a leader’s primary functions.

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