Time to Temporize

Corporate workplace professionals are busy figuring out what their new normal should be and how to get there. Some have done the work, have a clear roadmap, and are ready to make their move. Others still have work to do to decide what the new work environment should be, or don’t yet have a clear roadmap. For these, temporizing actions may be the most appropriate immediate strategy.

Our Stories Matter

Our grandchildren visited for a few days recently, and we did what families do. We talked, ate, played games, and got in a bit of outdoor activity. I am teaching the older ones a couple of family-safe card games, they are teaching me poker. Go figure. They were here several days and through it all it seemed someone was always telling a story.

Leadership Lessons I Learned in the Military

Military life is probably the largest leadership lab there is. You not only learn who the real leaders are and what makes people want to follow them, you also learn who the good followers are, those who do the job and will follow regardless of consequence. In short fashion and no particular order, here are a few take-aways from my long-ago sojourn in the military that still serve well today.

My Favorite Leadership Blogs

I am a big fan of blogs and podcasts, as readers here will know. One area of interest is the general topic of leadership. I rank these as my favs. They fall into general categories, which is how I’ve organized them here, virtually all of them are produced as part of a larger platform.

My First Rule of Project Management

Project management is a discipline-centric process. Regardless of what type of project you are managing, be it a production process, communication project, construction, IT or any other; you are sure to have a folder full of forms and templates. Sometimes it seems keeping up with the meetings, meeting minutes, schedule updates, budgets, and executive reporting is more than a full-time job. Sometimes it is, indeed.

Fact Time Still Matters

These days most of our face time seems to come by Zoom, Teams, and a host of other applications meant to improve connectivity, boost collaboration, and engage us in a more efficient and effective manner. Naturally, folks have figured out how to measure these benefits. I wonder, however, if they are measuring the most important quality of connectedness – commitment.

The Best Boss I Ever Had

One of the best things that can happen to your career is the selection of a good boss. As you are being interviewed for your next position, you should also be interviewing your prospective leader. Both of you will be taking a chance on the other, so both of you should go into the relationship with your expectations established and eyes wide open. Your next boss knows what they will be looking for when they interview you, do you know what you are looking for from them?

Leading Through Relationship

Leaders are involved in many different and complex relationships. Maintaining perspective and balance in these relationships is important to the continuing growth of the leader, and to those he or she leads. This does not happen by accident. It requires intent, attention, and character.

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