Evangelizing Truth Through Relationship

There is a relationship which is shared between our perspectives on truth, relationships with others, and opportunities to strengthen both. We live in a time when there is a lot of evangelizing going on with all manner of agenda, and an atmosphere in which recognizing and focusing on truth can sometimes be de-emphasized. In this environment we must ask ourselves who is evangelizing truth if not us, and how are we using our most powerful tool, our relationships, in the pursuit of honoring and strengthening truth?

The Social Media Conundrum

Jamie Rubin’s recent post about his social media profile spurred me to respond to him via email, and I am sharing it here as a way of thinking out loud. I should also say that the text below is a bit unvarnished, pretty much as I wrote it.

Suddenly, It’s Butterfly Season

There are times in life when one thing leads to another and before you know it, there are butterflies everywhere. Such is the state of our household these days as we work through a series of unintended projects with unintended results. As a retired project manager, I must say it can feel humbling. The Wikipedia definition of “butterfly effect” seems to fit perfectly.

Photography Road Trip

A good friend and I teamed up for a road trip through southern Utah and Colorado, to see and photograph Monument Valley and the Fall colors of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. Five days, lots of miles, and coincidentally, a lot of BBQ brisket and peach cobbler. So much so that we named the trip our Monumental Adventure: The Brisket and Peach Cobbler Tour. So yeah, we had a blast.

Lincoln at Cooper Union: The Speech That Made Abraham Lincoln President

Harold Holzer presents an excellent unveiling and exposition of Lincoln’s address in Mahattan that set his course as the future president. In my opinion, it is Lincoln’s finest speech, his Second Inaugural Speech and the Gettysburg Address included, although it is hard to put paper between the three. Gettysburg and the second inaugural were perfect for their moment, Cooper Union for its purpose, precision, and power.

A Citizen’s Duty

For most of my life, beginning with my paper route days as a 6th grader, I’ve been a news hound. Current events, geopolitical goings on, and history have always been of deep interest to me. I devoured newspapers, journals, and watched news shows religiously, including weekend talk shows and panels. That has changed radically in the last few years. I now make it a point to avoid broadcast news in all of its forms as conscientiously as I once pursued them.

Those Darn Mosquitoes

It seems inappropriate that something as small as a mosquito should have such a large influence on the quality of life, especially in the summer when the best times are to be had in the great outdoors. And yet, they sometimes do.

Cold War Movies

I graduated high school in the middle of the 1960’s, a time rife with cold war intrigue which often showed up in theatres and on the front page of newspapers. I know, because I folded those papers before delivering them, giving me a chance to read the news thoroughly each morning. No wonder I graded so well in Civics and History, but I digress. I was a young, distant, and casual observer of the geopolitical environment and have been ever since (except the young part). And that is why I have this list.

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