Getting People Back in the Building is Job One

Last week, I had the opportunity to spend two days inside a corporate HQ facility. Like many corporate facilities these days, it seemed like an empty shell. Some floors were dark, few people were in the building, and a sense of urgency or intensity was nowhere to be found. The conversations I had with leaders…

Dipping My Toe Back Into Twitter

In The Social Media Conundrum, I shared my thoughts on the then front-page news of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, primarily about my consideration of rejoining the platform. In it, I stated my motivations: promote the blog, connect with friends and family, and organize my information feed to aid efficiency. This post provides an update on…

My 2022 Favorite Reads

Last year was a busy reading year, focused primarily on History, Biography, Fiction, and Faith. Here are the genre counts since 2018, when I actually started keeping track of my reading. As you will note, my reading has been somewhat of an up and down journey over the last five years, but I hit my…

Reading the Bible Through the Year

A new year begins with a new reading of God’s Word. I debated taking a different tack, but decided reading the Bible through in a year again is the best, which I’ve done three of the last four years. In 2021, I tried a personal study option and the outcome wasn’t so good, as I…

September – December Faves

A collection of favorite articles from the last few months of the year, covering China, a dangerous decade, leadership, AI and delusion, the workplace, and the best nonfiction writing, among other topics.

Daniel Is Looking at Us

True faith across the breadth of the believing church is still alive in today’s world. There are many believers and churches who are operating in the purpose and manner God ordained for them. That cannot be said of all, however. Much of Christianity is in crisis, having lost its way amid a roiling sea of…

Evangelizing Truth Through Relationship

There is a relationship which is shared between our perspectives on truth, relationships with others, and opportunities to strengthen both. We live in a time when there is a lot of evangelizing going on with all manner of agenda, and an atmosphere in which recognizing and focusing on truth can sometimes be de-emphasized. In this…

The Social Media Conundrum

Jamie Rubin’s recent post about his social media profile spurred me to respond to him via email, and I am sharing it here as a way of thinking out loud. I should also say that the text below is a bit unvarnished, pretty much as I wrote it.

Suddenly, It’s Butterfly Season

There are times in life when one thing leads to another and before you know it, there are butterflies everywhere. Such is the state of our household these days as we work through a series of unintended projects with unintended results. As a retired project manager, I must say it can feel humbling. The Wikipedia…

Of One Spirit and Mind in Christ

Societies today are confounded by division on virtually every issue. The church, meant to be a unified and righteous role model is also divided, at times even on basic doctrine upon which the Word is perfectly clear.


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