Cold War Movies

I graduated high school in the middle of the 1960’s, a time rife with cold war intrigue which often showed up in theatres and on the front page of newspapers. I know, because I folded those papers before delivering them, giving me a chance to read the news thoroughly each morning. No wonder I graded so well in Civics and History, but I digress. I was a young, distant, and casual observer of the geopolitical environment and have been ever since (except the young part). And that is why I have this list.

Book Review: A Place to Read

On the one hand, it felt like I was reading my own life in that there are so many shared interests. On the other hand, it is rare that one reads someone for whom the craft of writing seems to come so naturally. That is the hard work of passion made visible, of course, and a gift to those fortunate enough to read it. I have not read many essay collections; this one will have me coming back for more.

The Conundrum That Is Today’s Office

“Office” is a term that has long been understood as a place of work, community, status, and even power. My, how times have changed. If you think workers are confused, consider business leaders who must chart a course to a new normal, whatever that may be. Yes, there is enough ambiguity to go around.

God’s Faithfulness in Rest

The last three weeks have been an exhausting sprint. I’ve been consumed by a number of projects, each with its own urgency, and even holiday travel which, because of work, necessitated two roundtrips in one week. My exhaustion was real, to the point I had trouble sleeping which only added to the difficulty.

A Good Cup of Life

I enjoy my morning cup of coffee, maybe more than I should. By that, I mean that it is important to me, possibly beyond its true value. I still love it, however, and consider it a faithful friend. No matter how yesterday ended or today has begun, it is always there waiting for me. It warms me, starts my engine, and the routine is reassuring. Regardless of how the world changed overnight, my coffee remains the same. It is a point of stability in a crazy time.

Recent Faves – June 2022

I have not posted a favs list since last November, so this is a catch up covering the period since then. One or two of the sources may be behind pay walls, but you should be able to get a limited number of articles as a freebie.

My Journey into Spiritual Sight

An acquaintance recently asked me this question: Can you identify a landmark in your life when you first realized you can see in the spiritual realm?

After reflection I had to answer no, I cannot. There was no landmark moment. It has been a journey from outright rejection of the concept of seeing in the Spirit to acceptance that it could be possible, and from there to pursuing it in my own life.

An Impolitic Moment of Candor

The American work ethic appears to be in decline for a number of reasons, endangering the engines of effort, creativity, and achievement that have driven our success. The work ethic, however, isn’t the real problem. Like so much around us these days, it is merely a symptom.

General Douglas MacArthur’s Farewell Address

As a senior in high school, I participated on the speech and debate team. I know, what were they thinking? At the time, it seemed a good way to escape Senior English, Shakespear being someone I felt no need to become acquainted with. So, I took the offer. I debated, did impromptu, and most enjoyed Oratorical Interpretation. In this, the speaker interprets a speech given by another, usually a famous person of some sort; a scientist, president, or such. As I read through hundreds of speeches to select the speech I would use to craft as my presentation at tournaments, I more or less stumbled across this one.

Governing Through the Fruit of the Spirit

I have always thought of the fruit of the Spirit as byproducts of a life lived in concert with God’s will. A healthy tree produces healthy fruit, an unhealthy tree produces bitter or shriveled fruit, or none at all. A dead tree is dead and a dying one is in the process of approaching death rather than growing and maturing into fullness of life.


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