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I’ve recently re-adopted Feedly as a blog reading tool. Over the years I’ve used Feedly, Inoreader, and Flipboard. I haven’t used a blog aggregator since 2017, choosing instead to meander through the infoverse by momentary whim. Lately, however, I’ve decided to get more intentional about what I read. Mainly this is because I am retired and do not have near enough time to do all the things that I must do, need to do, and want to do. This raises the question of how I ever had time to have a full-time job, but that is for another post. As for reading blogs, I needed to decide what topics I care enough about to devote time to staying informed about them, with the intent of increasing my currency in these topics while improving time efficiency.

Why blogs? Because there are interesting people writing interesting things about topics I am interested in, and blogs are generally free sources of information. Free is important. I am retired, remember? If it’s not free, I limit my intake to the number of free views allowed. It’s sort of like limiting my daily caffeine intake. :/

Why Feedly? All the platforms mentioned above are good, so choosing one is mainly a question of preference; finding the system that best matches your reading style and mind map. For me, that is Feedly. I like its Today feature, which posts the newest content on one page, and the ease of organizing content. I do that topically, so I can quickly sort and read what I want at any given time.

Curating blogs and other sources this way allows me to optimize information intake efficiency, and enables cross-platform accessibility. Both are important to me. There are still traps (so many blogs!) but thoughtfully working through what is important to me and organizing it help – a lot. It helps keep me out of “rabbit hole mode,” and that matters.

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