Work Should Be This Much Fun

It is amazing how proficient we can become when we really apply ourselves, even to things we would not necessarily choose. I’ve seen it and experienced it throughout my professional career. The unknown is a test and challenge, but when you make it known, when you come to understand and appreciate it, it can become your ally.

Dinner in Doha

My first visit to Doha, Qatar occurred in 2003, and the city reminded me of the wild west in many ways. It had changed radically by 2012 when I returned for the first of many trips over a two-year span. Over the course of those visits, I gained a different perspective, awareness, and appreciation for a part of the world that was foreign to me in every way.

When the Ravens Come

Evil will not always appear in our lives as ravenous ravens, but it is always ravenous despite its outward appearance. We are tempted by all kinds of lusts, for food, position, fame, power, riches, and sexual immorality of all manner. As believers, however, our life is to be a living sacrifice to the One who redeemed us, the One who sacrificed His Son for our sake. That is how much He loves us, and that is how much His Son, Jesus, loves us. One sacrificed His beloved; the beloved willingly paid the price.

Getting People Back in the Building is Job One

Last week, I had the opportunity to spend two days inside a corporate HQ facility. Like many corporate facilities these days, it seemed like an empty shell. Some floors were dark, few people were in the building, and a sense of urgency or intensity was nowhere to be found. The conversations I had with leaders and the low energy vibe made it plain that the business is not running on all cylinders. The common theme in these discussions was: “We want people back in the building.”

Dipping My Toe Back Into Twitter

In The Social Media Conundrum, I shared my thoughts on the then front-page news of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, primarily about my consideration of rejoining the platform. In it, I stated my motivations: promote the blog, connect with friends and family, and organize my information feed to aid efficiency. This post provides an update on how I’ve proceeded from that initial consideration, and what I’ve learned to date.

My 2022 Favorite Reads

Last year was a busy reading year, focused primarily on History, Biography, Fiction, and Faith. Here are the genre counts since 2018, when I actually started keeping track of my reading. As you will note, my reading has been somewhat of an up and down journey over the last five years, but I hit my pace again in 2022. History and Biography genres combined for thirty books, accounting for over half of my total of fifty-seven books. Further, the two genres have close association with each other via the butterfly effect.

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